OneDrone.ONE – Modular Drone System – DIY Drones

OneDrone.ONE is modular system, which fills the gap in the segment of advanced hobby and professional use – with focus on geosurvey, crop monitoring, search&rescue and similar applications. We like ArduPilot platform very much and we use Pixhawk in majority of our current range of dedicated copters for geosurvey and crop monitoring … but we are confident that our new system . OneDrone.ONE will bring user experience to new level and bring the most from Pixhawk. sports all the experience we at gathered in past years, combined with clean and efficient design from Andrej Stanta (Provoco), creator of

For now … presentation movie and some photos. Website with all the info will be launched in one month.

Source : OneDrone.ONE – Modular Drone System – DIY Drones

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